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Our Cloud Services

VpsCity offers an extensive variety of cloud based offerings covering all aspects of infrastructure, applications, communications and complementary on-boarding administrations all of which are secured by our ISO principles.

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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

VpsCity has created a set of infrastructure offerings that we operate and manage on behalf of our clients; by packaging these services with focused managed services we are able to deliver a full IT service for each customer which is tailored to their requirements.

Server Infrustructure

VpsCity's Server Infrastructure offer a suite of services to fulfil all the server requirements of organisations. We provide assistance in administering the server environment which includes directory services, operating systems and data protection. Our services are customisable to suit the requirements of our clients, so that they can rely on us for specific tasks as well as for entire server infrastructure management.

Industry Standard Latest Generation Hardware

We use Industry standard latest generation hardware for our services.

Hardware RAID / FC-SAN Storage

Hardware or Software RAID options are available for disk performance and redundancy.

Control Panel

We offer a fully featured server control panel with Boot, Reboot, Shutdown, Reinstall and VNC/HTML5 Console.

IP Addresses

IPv4 Addresses assigned to the server. Flexable IPv4 subnets, IPv6 addresses are available on request.

South Africa Data Centre

All our SA servers are hosted in our Johannesburg data centre.

24x7x365 Support

We are available 24x7 to service your requests, just call us on our 0800 002 895 Number (+64 9 281 4025 for International callers).

Cloud Backup

VpsCity offers a complete cloud backup solution for your business. Your data is backed up automatically to one of our Johannesburg data centres where it is stored on mirrored and redundant storage arrays. The backup data is replicated to a second data centre. The entire solution is monitored and supported 24/7/365 by VpsCity.

Fully Managed

Our fully managed backup services ensure your company's data and IT infrastructure are protected using a combination of the best software, hardware and data centre infrastructure available.

Online Backups & Archiving

An assurance of restoration of data from any unwanted failure or data loss from archive system.

Secure System

A secure and reliable system to back up your essential files.

Cloud Connect

VpsCity offers different broadband plans including Business aDSL, Business vDSL, Business UFB and Business WiFi along with the high-speed data transfer rate. Enjoy uninterrupted broadband services with service level guaranteed performance.

Send and Receive

Large files outside your organisation without bogging down the network.

Video Conferencing

Conference in full HD with no interruptions or disruptions to others on your office network.

Online Backups

Backup large amounts of data to our Cloud Backup products fast and effeciently.


Uninterrupted broadband services 24/7.


Our connection is more reliable and consistent with less latency and congestion.

Business Services

Offers high-quality customer service to support an in-house network as well as the speed to handle video conferencing for a business site.

Remote Desktop

Our Remote Desktop is designed to allow users to have access to all of their data, applications and their company’s network from any location. It’s accessible from the office, during business trips or even when working from home. Our solution can place a whole corporate organisation’s infrastructure into the cloud, allowing users to easily share data and core business applications.


Remote Desktop delivers a flexible approach to desktops for organisations of all sizes including application delivery and licencing options.

Remote Access

Centralise your IT infrastructure in your own office using hosted remote desktops. Work from home, the road or the office and have access to all of your files and programs.

Easy Collaboration

Share files easily with your coworkers through our hosted virtual desktops. Enjoy consistent access to all of your most critical files through the cloud!


An on demand service that adjusts to your organisation's need to scale up or scale down, Remote Desktop can match your business demands as your requirements dictate.

Secure Access

Encrypted communication between your office and the cloud gives your business industry leading security for your hosted remote desktops.


The solution requires very little hardware power and resources to function completely. With Remote Desktop, your desktop, laptop or tablet are only needed as an access device. This extends the lifecycle of your devices and enables the use of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, whilst reducing support times and costs.

Cloud Security

For all organisations, data protection is of paramount importance. We ensure that our firewall services deliver end-to-end network security for the industry’s best protection against the most advanced security threats and targeted attacks. Our firewall is designed for performance with maximum throughput with firewall acceleration across all packet sizes, accelerated UTM content processing, and high speed, secure VPN access. With Cloud Security, we also offer our clients different SSL certificates which ensures that the transmission of information and data passed between the browser and the server is private.

Efficient Deployment

Efficient deployment of firewalls specifically configured for your network, ensuring that monitoring and protection are in effect immediately and monitored continuously.

Continuous Assessment

Continuously assess new and emerging dynamic threats with VpsCity Threat Intellect for enhanced protection.


Our SSL Certificates provides the highest levels of security with 128/256 bit encryptions.

Virtualisation / Hosting

With a highly resilient design VpsCity is able to provide services to organisations of all sizes with our shared web hosting which is perfect for business and e-commerce websites, or any website that requires more server resources than shared web hosting. VpsCity also offers domain registration and transfer services.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting offers customers a hassle free and cost effective website hosting service through a multi-tenanted service offering.

DNS Services

VpsCity offers a fully featured DNS service at no extra cost.

Domain Management

In combination with the DNS services, VpsCity are able to offer a fully managed domain management service.

Control Panel

Our web hosting plans come with the most popular and easy to use control panel cPanel.

Adequate Disk Space

VpsCity offers adequate disk space into server to store your files and website.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee our core network will be available 99.99% of the time.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

VpsCity’s portfolio of web based applications are designed to compliment your organisation's infrastructure requirements with a level of flexibility and device freedom you are unlikely to achieve internally.

Cloud Storage

Our Cloud Storage allows you to access your files from anywhere, at any time with any device. It seamlessly synchronises across multiple devices, enabling you to share and collaborate documents with colleagues across your organisation.

Our easy to use service improves productivity and efficiency by allowing a user to see who has edited a file, restore old versions and even retrieve previously deleted files. With our 256-bit encryption technology you are guaranteed that your data is kept secure. With granular access controls, users can easily share folders across teams or individuals both inside and outside the organisation.

Cost Savings

Cloud Storage can offer individuals and small companies an inexpensive data storage facility without the cost of purchasing their own servers.


Cloud storage can be used as natural disaster proof backup, as normally there are multiple different backup servers located in different places in Johannesburg.

Automatic Sync

Back up your files all in one place, and keep them synchronized across all of your computers and devices. Restore any version of any file, any time.

Share Files Securely

Send files securely to anyone, even if they don't have a Sync account. Stay in control with password protection, notifications, expiry dates, and more.

Collaborate With Teams

Invite your team members to work together on documents in the office or remotely, with multi-user administration tools, permissions, and access controls.

Access from anywhere

Easily access your files from anywhere with any devices like Desktop, iPad, Tablet, Mobile etc.

Cloud Email

Our Cloud Email Hosting is a feature rich email service based on MS Exchange, Linux Exchange and Zimbra Collaboration Server, hosted on VpsCity’s cloud platform. It provides all of the features traditionally found in an enterprise class email, calendar and collaboration system.

Designed to seamlessly support office and mobile workers as you can use your preferred browser, your tablet, smartphone or Microsoft Outlook. Cloud Email keeps users connected using their choice of devices with synchronisation of email, calendar, address book and tasks. It also supports organisations who embrace a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy through cloud computing.


Our smart mailbox reduces time spent finding important emails. Powerful and very fast search combined with smart tags, rules and filters increase users’ productivity.

Reduce Overheads

Cloud Email is patched, upgraded and maintained by VpsCity and charged on per month basis, ensuring a significant reduction in IT costs.


Implemented across two independent hardware stacks, and internet feeds, and with replication to a second data centre Cloud Email has been designed to deliver the highest levels of availability.

Easy To Use

With a browser-based, sophisticated calendaring and dedicated search tab with filters, Cloud Email is easy to use across all devices.

Cloud PBX

Our Cloud PBX gives you access to PBX capabilities without investment on complicated and expensive equipment. Cloud PBX is a kind of hosted PBX or virtual PBX, meaning that all of the routing services are performed by us, rather than by an employee managing a PBX system in your office. An IP PBX uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and can also be known as a VoIP PBX, IP-PBX, virtual PBX or IPBX.

Initial Cost Savings

The most attractive feature of VoIP is its cost-saving potential. You do not need to make a large upfront investment by purchasing an office telephone system and there is no need to maintain it. With a Cloud PBX solution the office telephone system is operated and maintained by VpsCity


For small businesses Cloud PBX can give them instant credibility by presenting their customers with a professional sounding telephone solution. Using an Interactive Voice Response service would project a larger company appearance.

No Geographical Boundary

With our VoIP service area becomes virtualised without geographical limit. Employees can work from anywhere when your office phone system is virtual. You can have employees working from home, other offices, mobile phones, as well as overseas.

Virus and Spam Filtering

VpsCity provides a secure, hosted email filtering service that you can have up and running in minutes. There’s no hardware or software to install – just sign up, change your MX record, and you’re protected! Mitigate threats to your hardware and productivity with redundant, distributed and reliable Inbound/Outbound filtering and additional email protection.

Your incoming mail is directed to our internal network of spam fighting data centres. We scan your email for spam, phishing attacks, malware and viruses. All offending mail is held in secure quarantine in our network. Clean mail is automatically forwarded to your server for delivery.

Our hosted service protects your email against:

  • Spam
  • Malware
  • Spoofed Undeliverable Notices
  • Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks
  • Computer Viruses
  • Phishing Emails
Inbound Content Security

Take action on Incoming email based on pre-defined conditions. Action can be taken on messages from any blacklisted IP addresses, domains and restricted countries.

Outbound Policies

Automatically applies SPAM policy to outgoing messages, and enforces policies relating to outgoing message destination, time or recipients.

Multiple Anti-Spam Engines

We use multiple anti-spam engines for protection against phishing, spear phishing, malware and spam. Layers of spam filters combine for advanced protection, performance and accuracy.

Content Filtering

Content filtering (also known as information filtering) is the use of a program to screen and exclude from access or availability web pages that is deemed objectionable. Our content filtering service blocks inappropriate, unproductive and even illegal and malicious web content inside and outside the firewall perimeter, and thus reduces the risk of infection by viruses, Trojans, adware and other malware. Content filtering service is widely used by corporations as this service can help to improve security posture and ensure that the Internet is used responsibly by all users.

Category-Based Filtering

The easy-to-use, cloud-delivered administration console enables you to quickly set up, manage, and test different acceptable use policies per network, group, user, device or IP address. It gives you greater control of your organisation’s internet usage.

Allow or Block Specific Domains

Allows you to create allow and block lists for specific domains. Whitelisting domains ensures that you can always access particular site, even if it is in a category that is being blocked. Blacklists operate in the opposite fashion by ensuring that a site on the blacklist is never accessible to your users.


Our Filtering enables you to customise our category-based filtering to meet each network’s specific needs, particularly to help you meet compliance requirements. Quickly create exceptions to allow or block specific domains, regardless of whether it is in a category that is allowed or blocked.

Managed Services (PaaS)

For organisations of all sizes, our Managed Services offers the most cost effective approach to delivering and maintaining your technology and security needs. All aspects of your business operations are built into the service offering to deliver an all encompassing solution. A full Managed Services offering allows your business to focus on its core services rather than running, protecting and maintaining your IT systems.

A Modern Approach

The pace of IT change is increasing remarkably. Mobility, cloud computing, social media, consumerisation, big data and analytics have all become deeply interwoven within today’s businesses. This has result in a paradigm shift in the way that organisations use and consume IT resources. Service management becomes a critical part of how organisations want to interact with the underlying technology; from the physical hardware to operating systems and on to applications.

VpsCity approaches service management through a set of leading service offerings that encompasses technology, management tasks, security and compliance. By aligning technology and services VpsCity is able to provide and manage the appropriate amount of physical resources, software and support that is needed by an organisation, all for an agreed-on monthly fee.

VpsCity Managed Services
Proactive Managed Services

The main challenge in maintaining a computer network or infrastructure, is trying to predict what will fail and when. With our Proactive Managed Services, we can prevent many network failures from ever occurring or reduce the impact when they do. By combining regular and comprehensive preventative maintenance and robust real-time monitoring of your critical network, servers and desktop devices, we ensure the reliability and stability of your IT infrastructure.

24x7 Monitoring

With our Managed Services, VpsCity effectively become another member of your IT team. Our skilled experts will proactively monitors your network, internet, and server infrastructure to identify and resolve issues before they impact your organisation.

Support and Guidance

Our comprehensive solution includes 24x7 support, network, Internet, server monitoring, data security and proactive planning and reporting. We monitored and maintained your servers 24x7x365 and ensure that servers are running at peak performance. Also increase security while software is updated and patched regularly.

Customer Satisfaction Tracking

Utilising our unique framework for providing managed services, VpsCity provides a range of active services to keep your systems up and running, and your people and business productive. After each support ticket is resolved, a customer satisfaction survey is sent. We share the survey reports with you and use responses to improve our service.

Minimal Upfront Investment

Only pay for the physical resources, software and support that you need.


Enterprise-grade scalability and increased flexibility for organisations of all sizes.

Our Managed Services Benefits Include:

  • Minimal Upfront IT Investment
  • Financial Transparency
  • Continuous Monitoring of Services

  • Regular Software Upgrades and Patches
  • Guaranteed Up-to-Date Hardware
  • Scalability

  • Expert Technical Support 24/7
  • Business Agility
  • Consistency

Migration Services (MaaS)

Using Migration Services proprietary analysis and planning tools our expert consultants assess your current IT assets and provide a clear picture of workloads, consumption and performance. The result is a transparent, data-driven, CFO-friendly proposal for migrating mission-critical IT to the VpsCity enterprise-class cloud platform. Our cloud services help optimise your operation and allow you to concentrate on growing your business. We delivers independent and strategic roadmaps customised to each organisation’s requirements.

Cloud Migration Services Steps
Cloud Migration Services

VpsCity delivers the power of the cloud without the expense of maintaining staff and tools to get there. It's your cloud strategy without the stress.

With growing business demand, IT capacity for innovation is decreasing. Infrastructure is all packed up with the applications. To fill the gap between growing business demand and IT capacity to accommodate new services, infrastructure needs to be freed up.

VpsCity Migration Services
Design & Planning

We have unrivalled knowledge, experience and expertise in the design of cloud based infrastructure and services. With a technique specifically designed to analyse your entire business, from applications to a disaster recovery plan, we tailor a cloud adoption policy specifically to each organisation.

Designing The Target Platforms

Clients start from different positions that may include a need to preserve an investment in hardware and software, regulatory requirements that restrict options or other constraints. We design the best solution for our clients according to their requirements.


Our next steps is scheduling migration time convenient for the client.

Pre Migration

We follow pre migration process to validate design, resolve issues and optimise for performance.


Full scale implementation on cloud and migration of applications, data and users. This is the activity of moving from physical to virtual or virtual to virtual, undertaking acceptance testing, going live on the new services.

Support and Monitoring

We provides our clients 24x7 monitoring, management and continuous optimisations & enhancements.

Our Migration Services

Our Cloud Migration Services help in moving infrastructure, applications and business processes of an organization to cloud, thus freeing the infrastructure. Cloud migration is necessary to bridge the gap in business demand and IT capacity. Cloud Migration Services identify areas of risk and opportunities for improving the performance and availability of critical business functions. Our solutions mitigate risk, maximise performance and invoke robust, repeatable processes leading to future business growth.

We help customers move virtual and physical assets into the cloud and between clouds.  We work closely with customers to understand their needs, then develop a cloud migration strategy that provides optimum mission benefit. We save customers the time of manual migration and the expense of rebuilding applications in the cloud. We help lift server workloads directly from existing environments and deploy into a new environment, while maintaining security for your business.

Application Migration

We have a proven framework for accurate, predictable, and accelerated move to the cloud. The framework is supported with factory model implementation for repeatable and predictable performance.

Data Migration

Our framework is a standardised, repeatable, and reusable platform to enable end to end Data Migrations.

Platform Migration

We have hands-on-experience in developing and migrating applications on several leading platforms.

Infrastructure Migration

VpsCity provides services for migration of infrastructure to the cloud.

Simple Migration. Simply Secure.

The promise of the cloud. The guarantee of mission-proven security. We help customers make cloud computing work for their enterprise. Automated migration tools. Sophisticated architecture built on years deploying cloud computing for intelligence customers. It's cloud so well thought-out, the only thing you'll notice is the savings.

We help customers modernise and integrate sprawling IT enterprises into manageable cloud-based assets. We understand cloud migration is a process and part of a larger IT lifecycle to provide the best IT tools to our customers. We develop management plans and scalability to help transform your enterprise today and prepare it for growth tomorrow.

Most importantly, VpsCity provides a steady partner for a complex process. Our solutions aren't one size fits all or limited by our own proprietary tools. We can help integrate your cloud into an enterprise or leverage commercial service providers. We find solutions that fit our customers’ needs and allow growth, scalability and simplicity in management. As an enterprise service provider, we offer full lifecycle from consulting thorough hybrid IT management, all wrapped in our foundational commitment to security. No matter the solution, we put your mission first.


Consultation with the customer helps understand your business goals. We protect your business against possible disruption and develop a strategy for achieving your business goals while maintaining continuity.


We work with customers to meet their timelines and needs and commit to a deployment schedule.


We can work with public cloud providers or work within a private cloud to stand up infrastructure, platforms or applications.

Optimisation and Delivery

We fine tune the cloud to your requirements this increases customer comfort with our cloud-based service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access my files online?

Your files are stored on a remote server and are accessible via any computer. You can access them on any computer with an internet connection. Just logon to the website and input the username and password you chose when you set up your account.

How secure is this cloud storage service?

These services use encryption technology identical to that used by banks to maintain the privacy and security of your files and information, making them as secure as possible.

What is online file backup?

File backup done online means storing files through the internet from your computer to a backup company’s hard disk. It enables you to store any files from your computer’s hard disk, including documents, program settings, photos, and so on.

Is data safe in SaaS systems?

This is one very important question which most potential customers of this technology ask. Today, SaaS is adopted by many companies around the world for their banking and payroll systems and there seems to be scope for little complaint anywhere. Also, it is important to consider that SaaS vendors like VpsCity Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) are definitely in a better position to invest in security and backup systems than most small to medium scale businesses.

What Is Cloud Syncing and File Sharing?

Online file sharing services are among the most useful techniques in use for businesses, regardless of their size. Large and small sized files and documents can be easily shared, and most services can be accessed on a host of mobile devices.
Once the software uploads the desired files, only an administrator of the system is empowered to edit or modify the inputs in any document. This ensures the safety of critically important information. Nevertheless, file sharing systems are very simple and easy to use, even for those who are not very skilled at computing.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored in separate data centres in the South Africa and we use multiple drive arrays to ensure your data is never lost and available to you at all times whilst keeping it secure and fast to access.